The Gospels Aren’t Ancient Fiction

Author Amy K. Hall Published on 11/28/2015

Some fun for today: Bernard Howard has imagined a conspiracy-creating conversation based on Dawkins’s assertion that “the Gospels are ancient fiction.” I love it. Here are a few lines to get you started. Then you must head over to the Gospel Coalition to read the rest of “If Richard Dawkins Is Right.”

Luke: Well, to make a conspiracy credible you need precise details. So we’ll invent stories where Jesus interacts with people in specific locations.

Matthew: Won’t people just disprove the stories by visiting those places and asking around?

Luke: There’s no need to worry about that. We could invent a story about a synagogue ruler’s terminally ill daughter being healed, give the synagogue ruler a name, set it all in a particular place, and still no one—absolutely no one, not even the people living in that place—would trouble to fact-check. Everyone would simply swallow the story whole!

Mark: It sounds like we’re on safe ground there. But if we want people to follow Jesus, he’ll need a message. People have been waiting for the Messiah for centuries. He’s got to be worth listening to when he finally appears.

John: Good point. I’ll cook up some deep quotes.

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