The Deity of Christ and the Reality of the Trinity

Author Greg Koukl Published on 01/06/2016

Sometimes things that confound us have a simple side to them. In a certain sense, this is true with the Trinity. The mystery may be confounding, but the biblical facts on the matter are really not that hard. The only thing required is a clear definition, then a little Bible “kitchen work.” That’s what I’ve provided for you in this month’s Solid Ground.

In part one of The Trinity: A Solution, Not a Problem, I discussed the significance of the Trinity, the problem of the Trinity, the definition of the Trinity, and the alleged contradiction of the Trinity. In this second part, I resolve the question of the deity of Christ (and therefore strengthen the case for the Trinity) by going back to the text, letting God’s Word speak for itself:

My method is simple: provide clear scriptural support for each element that is essential to the definition of the Trinity as it applies to the person of Christ. There are three components. One, there is only one God. Two, Jesus is a distinct person from the Father. Three, Jesus is fully God. We know this because Jesus is called God, He possesses divine attributes, and He exercises divine privileges.

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