Sexuality and Gender

The Death of Two Babies

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Published on 04/15/2015

Host: Greg Koukl

Greg discusses serving at same-sex weddings, applying the Old Testament Law, ethics of vaccinations, and more.


  • The Death of Two Babies (00:00)
  • Is a single person adopting the same as a same-sex couple adopting? (00:23)
  • How do you balance being useful where you are and pursuing new goals? (00:40)
  • Listener Mail (01:00)
  • Challenge the greater good and justifying lying (01:18)
  • An idea for working at same-sex weddings (01:38)
  • Is the conscience a biblical idea? (01:53)
  • Serving at Same-sex Weddings (02:00)
  • How do we know how to apply the Old Testament Law? (02:04)
  • Should children attend the main service with their parents? (02:20)
  • What’s the difference between serving at a wedding of a same-sex couple and a wedding of a couple who lived together? (02:30)
  • What does the unification church believe about Jesus? (02:39)
  • Is it ethical to get vaccinations if fetal tissue was used to develop them? (02:51)

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