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The Case for Christ Movie

Author Greg Koukl Published on 04/18/2017

I saw The Case for Christ last weekend with my wife and girls, and I have to say, they did it right. It was pitch perfect. No false moves, nothing embarrassing, perfectly cast, meticulously acted, skillfully written, and the dialogue was completely believable and authentic, even the most challenging scenes (where did they get those actors!). Plus it was a masterful characterization of the evidence without being overwhelming. I’m amazed at how much punch there was in such compact dialogues when the experts delivered their evidence. The drama kept me engaged the entire time and moved me to tears a number of times. The movie even managed to get through the conversion moment without being smarmy! That’s first-rate writing.

Believe me, I never use any of those accolades lightly, especially when it comes to “faith” films. I’m usually pretty happy if no damage has been done. The Case for Christ goes far beyond that. It’s simply the best film of this kind I have ever seen.