The Blair-Hitchens Debate

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Published on 12/05/2010

Greg talks about a conversation on an airplane, the Blair-Hitchens Debate, then takes calls on what the difference is between the Trinity and tri-theism, if the multiverse theory mitigates the fine-tuning argument, if tactics can be used on social media sites, and more.


  • Commentary: Conversation on an Airplane
  • Commentary: The Blair-Hitchens Debate
  • What’s the difference between the Trinity and tri-theism?
  • Does the multiverse theory mitigate the fine-tuning argument?
  • Can you use tactics on social media sites?
  • How is it just to be guilty of original sin from someone else’s fall?
  • Does the law of reciprocity ground morality without God?
  • What if the Dead Sea Scrolls were never discovered?
  • How do you answer someone who says the worst people they’ve ever met are Christians?
  • Was the Prodigal Son saved?
  • Closing thoughts about Christmas?
  • Are Christianity and psychology compatible?