The Argument from Desire

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Published on 08/26/2012

Greg talks about no other name, the argument for desire, the similarities between Christians and Atheists, then takes calls on if we can be moral without God, why there is so much evil, and more.


  • Commentary: No Other Name
  • Commentary: The Argument from Desire
  • Commentary: The Similarities Between Christians and Atheists
  • Can we be moral without god?
  • Why is there so much evil?
  • How do we explain a talking snake?
  • Don't add any more offense to the Gospel than there already is inherent in it.
  • Atheists can believe in objective morality.
  • Atheists are anti-God
  • Is it good for Christians to pursue higher education for money and promotions?
  • Can Christians be open-minded about religious ideas?
  • Atheists are similar to Christians.
  • What is a Christian’s responsibility to the government?
  • Is it reverent and Biblical to baptize in a hot tub?