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Thanksgiving Trip to Seattle

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Published on 12/03/2014

Host: Greg Koukl

Greg talks about his Thanksgiving trip to Seattle, how to distinguish discrimination of race and same-sex couples, someone’s niece becoming their nephew, and more.


  • Thanksgiving Trip to Seattle (00:00)
  • How do you distinguish design from chance? (00:13)
  • Discussing relativism (00:27)
  • What about a Christian facilitating same-sex couple adoptions? (00:44)
  • Decide If You’ll Be Faithful to God (01:00)
  • How do you distinguish discrimination of race and same-sex couples? (01:10)
  • How can dreams surprise us when it’s our mind? (01:48)
  • His niece is becoming a nephew. (02:01)
  • What Bible verse gives the meaning of life? (02:17)
  • What about witnessing? (02:29)
  • What about police officers asked to enforce unjust laws? (02:40)
  • Where to draw the line on mysticism? (02:49)

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