Ted Kluck: Why We Love the Church

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Published on 09/20/2009

Greg talks about New Testament study on repentance, Why We Love the Church with Ted Kluck, then takes calls on if the “Intelligent Designer” is a control freak, what the distinction is between Biblical infallibility and inerrancy, and more.


  • Commentary: New Testament Study on Repentance
  • Interview: Ted Kluck - Why We Love the Church
  • Is the “Intelligent Designer” a control freak?
  • What’s the distinction between Biblical infallibility and inerrancy?
  • Sing best book you recommend?
  • How does dispensationalism work with the Old and New Covenants?
  • Could morals have evolved?
  • Does God have hands?
  • When should Christian parents take their kids out of public school?