STR Violence Statement

Author Greg Koukl Published on 03/08/2013

It’s always wrong to take a human life without proper justification. Abortion is such a wrong because it destroys a valuable human being without good reason. Therefore, civilized people are morally obliged to campaign vigorously against this wrong and use appropriate means to end it.

In opposing this evil, however, one is only justified in using the degree of force necessary to stop a harm that is within his power to prevent. Lethal force is never justified when other means are available. Since there are no imaginable circumstances in which lethal force is the only means available to end the harm of abortion, then lethal means are never justified.

Killing abortionists, then, is also an example of taking human life without proper justification. To do so would be to violate the basic principle that pro-lifers are committed to defending. Therefore, Stand to Reason condemns the use of violence to end the harm of abortion and does not knowingly associate with those who condone it.

In like manner, Stand to Reason condemns mistreatment of any human being, including those who are singled out because they are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. All human beings—regardless of sex, sexual orientation, or gender expression—are made in the image of God (Gen. 1:26). Because they have intrinsic dignity, worth, and value, they should be treated that way and do not deserve degrading comments, dehumanizing talk, or violent abuse.

While we affirm the biblical teaching that sexual intimacy is reserved solely for a man and a woman who are married to each other (Gen. 1:27, 2:24, Matt.19:4–6), we deny that anyone engaging in fornication, adultery, or homosexuality are less valuable or should be singled out as a unique class of sinners. Rather, all people (including Christians) are sinners, and all are guilty before God (Rom. 3:23).

Some have said the biblical teaching on homosexuality leads to hate and violence, but history tells a different story. Because those who follow Christ’s commands understand they are equally guilty of sin before God, the mercy God has shown towards them motivates them to reach out in kindness and compassion to others who need the same grace. Just because malicious people will seize upon any excuse, even a religious one, to justify their evil does not mean that the teachings of Christ and the Bible are to blame.

[Updated 3/13/17]