Stop What You’re Doing and Watch Science Uprising

Author Tim Barnett Published on 07/09/2019

The naturalistic worldview flourishes on YouTube. In fact, many notable naturalists—those who believe nothing exists beyond the natural world—have YouTube channels with huge followings. This enables them to promote naturalism to a broad audience.

Of course, naturalism has serious problems. Whole books have been written to show the weaknesses in this worldview. The problem is, many people aren’t reading these books. Instead, they are watching YouTube.

This is why I’m so excited about a video project called Science Uprising put out by the Discovery Institute. This provocative YouTube series challenges naturalism head on in an educational and engaging way.

Each episode is about 6–8 minutes long and focuses on an area of reality that naturalism cannot reasonably explain. The topics include the existence of free will, the existence of the immaterial mind, the origin of life, the fine-tuning of the universe for life, the destructive power of mutations, and human evolution.

Taken individually, naturalism is left clinging to the ropes. But, taken collectively, Science Uprising delivers a knockout blow to this failed philosophy.

You can watch each episode directly at YouTube or at