Steve Wagner: Common Ground Without Compromise

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Published on 06/01/2008

Greg talks about the worldview of movies: Juno & Prince Caspian, Common Ground Without Compromise with Steve Wagner, CrossExamined Instructor Academy with Frank Turek, then takes calls on the resurrection being a myth and the writers never intending to write history, belief is weak; knowledge is fact, and more.


  • Commentary: The Worldview of Movies - Juno & Prince Caspian
  • Guest: Steve Wagner - Common Ground Without Compromise
  • Guest: Frank Turek - CrossExamined Instructor Academy
  • The resurrection is a myth and the writers never intended to write history.
  • Belief is weak; knowledge is fact.
  • What criteria are necessary to choose a good spouse?
  • Do doctors have an ethical duty to follow a patient’s wishes, even when he wants to die?
  • Don’t take the Bible literally, take it seriously.
  • Brian McLaren’s views.