Stand to Reason’s 27th Anniversary

Author Greg Koukl Published on 05/01/2020

Today is the 27th anniversary of the birth of Stand to Reason, and it’s really hard to imagine all that God has done during that time in our lives and in yours. We live for Christ, but we work tirelessly for you, and we continue to be gratified as we hear of the impact our efforts have had in the lives of so many of you.

And it’s been a synergistic effort. You have helped us so faithfully as partners, and you’ve also helped so many others as you’ve taken what you’ve learned and “paid it forward” in the lives of countless Christians. You are our vital “third column”—faithful ambassadors with boots on the ground reaching people we could never reach without you.

That’s why every one of you can take pride and satisfaction in this huge milestone because of your contribution to our community effort for the kingdom—laboring with your specific gifts to build a legacy with us for Christ.

Here is our commitment to you.

  • We will keep our hands to the plow and serve at our individual posts judiciously, creatively, and industriously for your spiritual strength and well-being.
  • We will continue to be students of our crafts, of our content, and of the virtues we encourage in other ambassadors so we can provide a place of “safety in confidence” for you during these tumultuous times.
  • We will continue to trust in and rely on the Lord to bring the increase in your lives.

I have deep gratitude in my heart for all of you in our growing STR community, and I’m so proud to serve beside you in this wonderful work of God known as Stand to Reason.

Thank you, and congratulations!