Stand in the Fortifying Love of God

Author Amy K. Hall Published on 08/26/2015

We all need to meditate more on the love of God—especially now. By “meditation,” I don’t mean what people in our culture usually mean by that word. Christian meditation isn’t an emptying of the mind but a filling of the mind with truth. Here’s how Tim Keller describes it in his book Prayer:

Meditation is likened to tree roots taking in water [in Psalm 1]. That means not merely knowing a truth but taking it inside and making it part of yourself. Meditation is spiritually “tasting” the Scripture—delighting in it, sensing the sweetness of the teaching, feeling the conviction of what it tells us about ourselves, and thanking God and praising God for what it shows us about him. Meditation is also spiritually “digesting” the Scripture—applying it, thinking out how it affects you, describes you, guides you in the most practical way. It is drawing strength from the Scripture, letting it give you hope, using it to remember how loved you are. To shift metaphors, meditation is taking the truth down into our hearts until it catches fire there and begins to melt and shape our reactions to God, ourselves, and the world. [See here for more from Tim Keller on Christian meditation.]

With that definition in mind, listen to these wise words from Trevin Wax on what will enable us to continue to stand when the culture opposes us:

If you fail to get this truth deep down into your heart, if you fail to recognize God’s unfailing, unchanging love for you no matter your circumstances, you will not be able to represent Him well in exile.

The only way you will ever be able to withstand the hatred of the world is if you are immersed in the love of God.

The only way you will ever be able to live without the approval of others is if you are assured of God’s approval of you in Christ.

The only way you can stand against the world when everyone is jeering you is when you know God is there, cheering you on, calling you His beloved child.

Unless we are overcome by the love of God, we will be overcome by the fear of man.

How can you meditate on the love of God? First, read the Bible. You can’t mediate on the love of God if you haven’t seen the love of God. Think about the events God brought about from Creation until today in order to bring about the redemption of His people. Think of Jesus’ life and death on the cross for us. Read about your union with Christ. Memorize Ephesians 1–2 to see how God, in His grace and through the “kind intention of His will,” brought you to Himself. Recount the ways He has provided for you in the past, and thank Him for each one.

Immerse yourself in the truth of God’s love, let it take root in you, and then stand.