Some Christmas Thoughts

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Published on 12/18/2020

Greg reflects on the Christmas story, Christmas cards, and Christmas carols, then he answers questions about engaging a post-Christian culture, how free will fits into Romans 9:14–23, a struggle with spiritual numbness, and whether people are in Hell by choice and how that can be reconciled with Revelation 5:13.


  • Commentary: Some Christmas thoughts (00:00)
  • How do we engage a culture where Christianity doesn’t have any social or cultural relevance? (18:00)
  • What are your thoughts on free will and how it fits into the words about Pharaoh in Romans 9:14–23? (32:00)
  • I struggle to be convinced that I'm loved by God and that salvation and grace are there for me. (43:00)
  • If it’s true that everyone in Hell wants to be in Hell (per C.S. Lewis) why would they give “blessing and honor and glory” to God (Rev. 5:13)? (51:00)

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