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Should We Refuse to Put Pronouns in Our Email Signatures?

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Published on 05/07/2021

Greg talks to callers about putting pronouns in an email signature, forgiving someone who doesn’t want to be forgiven, a Christian’s role in politics, expressing complex ideas to people with short attention spans, and the role of apologetics in evangelism from a Reformed perspective.


  • As a state employee, when the time comes when I'm asked to put my preferred pronouns in my email signature, is this something I should make a stand against? (03:00)
  • Can one forgive another person who doesn’t want to be forgiven? (19:00)
  • What should a Christian’s role in politics be? (27:00)
  • How can we express complex ideas to young people whose short attention spans make it so hard to connect in a meaningful way? (36:00)
  • Congratulations on 28 years—you had a huge influence on my life. (47:00)
  • What is the role of philosophy and apologetics when you’re evangelizing from a Reformed perspective? (51:00)

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