Author Alan Shlemon
Published on 05/25/2020
Tactics and Tools

Sharing Truth with Your Muslim Friend

Alan shares the most important topic Christians can bring up if they want to start a conversation with their Muslim friend or neighbor.


Here’s your apologetics tip of the day. When talking to Muslims, focus on the gospel. Christians love to bring up things like jihad or the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. Now, though these are fascinating topics, I find they’re a distraction from the more critical subject of the gospel, and they often create a defensive posture in the Muslim. Besides, even if the Muslim were to concede your point on one of those tangential topics, their eternal destiny would still be in jeopardy because they’d still be guilty of crimes they’ve committed against God. And that’s why my suggestion is, we should focus on the one topic that affects all other subtopics, and that is the gospel of Jesus Christ. If the Muslim trusts Christ, then, of course, the Holy Spirit will change him from the inside out, and their position on a whole host of subjects will change. Focus your conversation on the gospel, and avoid topics that distract from the gospel. That’s your apologetics tip of the day.