September 29, 2002

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Published on 09/29/2002

Greg talks about what it means to be an adult, the trans-sexual foster care bill, stem cell research, and the book of John.


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  • Stand to Reason Weekly Audio
  • Commentary: What it means to be an adult (00:00)
  • Defending Israel (14:00)
  • Tongues and gifts (29:00)
  • Randy Thomason: Trans-sexual foster care bill (42:00)
  • Call about stem cell research (1:01:00)
  • What books or materials do you recommend for a person to learn how to think and argue clearly and carefully? (1:18:00)
  • Is this more in a functional sense or in quality? Genesis 1:26-27 (1:25:00)
  • Is there a problem with the Pledge of Allegiance? (1:31:00)
  • What does Jesus mean when he says, “What is that to you?” And does it have any correlation to Revelations 11? John 21 (1:40:00)
  • Questions about the book of John (1:47:00)