What Gives You the Right?

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Published on 09/15/2002

Greg talks about what gives you the right, then takes calls on what Reformation theology is, gyn performing abortions, what to do when a heart grows cold, and more.


  • Commentary: What Gives You the Right?
  • Dean: What is Reformation theology?
  • Tim: Gyn performs abortion?
  • Tom: What to do when heart grows cold?
  • Larry: How did giants survive the flood? Gen 6:4
  • John: Simple faith is all God wants
  • Matthew: Your opinion of classical Christian-ed
  • Phil: Animal, vegetable, mineral: which are we?
  • Matthew: Why do we ignore passages of capitol punishment for homosexuality?
  • Dave: Classifying sin
  • Lou: Who are the witnesses in Rev. 11:1-5?
  • Aaron: Actual infinites