Scott Klusendorf: Life Training Institute

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Published on 07/19/2009

Greg talks about the Darwin Myth with Dr. Benjamin Wiker, Life Training Institute with Scott Klusendorf, then takes calls on why we should get married, if God is justified in punishing the unsaved, what atheists have to explain: love, and more.


  • Guest: Dr. Benjamin Wiker - The Darwin Myth
  • Guest: Scott Klusendorf - Life Training Institute
  • Why should we get married?
  • Is God justified in punishing the unsaved?
  • What atheists have to explain: love.
  • Distinguishing between primary and secondary doctrinal issues.
  • The implications of pro-life for voting.
  • How do you know what the objective standards are?
  • Family Integrated church movement?
  • What kind of death is referred to in James 1?