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Scattered as Aliens in a Foreign Land

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Published on 03/03/2023

Greg talks about 1 Peter’s words to those who live in a hostile culture, then he answers questions about how Satan tempts us, a high school assigning a sexually graphic novel, not making Christ seem like merely a utilitarian solution to cultural problems, and how to deal with loneliness.


  • Commentary: Scattered as aliens in a foreign land (00:00)
  • How does Satan tempt us? (13:00)
  • How should I address the issue of a private high school assigning a novel that graphically depicts sexual sin, and how can we appropriately prepare our children for the real world without exposing them to books like this one? (23:00)
  • How do I avoid making Christ into merely a utilitarian solution to our current cultural problems when discussing the Christian worldview with unbelievers? (35:00)
  • How should I deal with loneliness? (47:00)

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