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Ryan Moore: Cross Examined Instructor Academy

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Published on 06/03/2015

Host: Greg Koukl

Greg talks about vacations not turning out the way one expects, the Trivium learning steps, talking to Jehovah’s witnesses, immaterial things, cutting off relationships with family members, defending one’s view of creation with evolutionists, and more.


  • Vacations Don’t Turn Out the Way You Expect (00:00)
  • Ryan Moore - Cross Examined Instructor Academy (01:00)
  • What are the three Trivium steps of learning? (00:16)
  • Help with talking to Jehovah’s Witnesses (00:40)
  • What are the properties of immaterial things? (01:16)
  • When do you cut off a relationship with a family member? (01:38)
  • What are some tactics to begin conversations with Jehovah’s Witnesses? (01:48)
  • How do you defend your view of creation with evolutionists? (02:01)
  • Should he leave negative feedback about unsatisfactory work done by Christian worker or does he have an obligation as a Christian brother not to do that publicly? (02:14)
  • Christian bakers and Christian pharmacists have the freedom to not violate their consciences. (02:23)
  • Should a local church baptize someone in a same-sex marriage? (02:30)
  • Working on an apologetic mnemonic (02:44)
  • Did God create starlight in transit? (02:50)

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