Responding to Pro-Choice Memes

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Published on 06/22/2022

Guest Host: Tim Barnett

Tim and Alan make a quick pro-life case then chat about responses to some popular pro-choice memes that claim life begins at first breath, a fetus is only a potential human, you can freeze an embryo because it isn’t alive, saving one newborn vs. five embryos, no brain activity means legally dead, if you think abortion is wrong, don’t get one, and more.


  • Responding to Pro-Choice Memes (00:00)
  • Life begins at first breath. (14:00)
  • You can only ban safe abortions. (25:00)
  • An acorn is only a potential tree, so a fetus is only a potential human. (29:00)
  • You can freeze an embryo but not a baby because an embryo isn’t alive. (35:00)
  • Would you save one newborn or five frozen embryos? (39:00)
  • A person who doesn’t have brain activity is legally dead, so a heartbeat doesn’t mean the embryo is alive. (46:00)
  • Meme: If you think abortion is wrong, don’t get an abortion. (52:00)

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