Religion Is Not a Fantasy

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Published on 07/29/2007

Greg talks about religion not being a fantasy, then takes calls on if the Bible teaches tithing, who in the Trinity was Jesus’ father, what the relationship is of the Ten Commandments to Mosaic Law, and more.


  • Commentary: Religion is Not a Fantasy
  • Does the Bible teach tithing?
  • Who in the Trinity was Jesus’ Father?
  • What is the relationship of the Ten Commandments to Mosaic Law?
  • Jesus was a physical embryo created in Heaven.
  • A quantum physics argument against God’s omniscience.
  • How do we reconcile the different natures of God in the Old Testament and the New Testament?
  • Why did God make the Trinity so hard to understand?
  • The Spiritual Formation movement elevates feelings over the Bible.
  • What does “vicarious atonement” mean?