Relativism in Court

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Published on 02/05/2012

Greg talks about the upper story leap, taking the roof off, relativism in court, then discusses questions from callers such as how to know when to stop trying for something you desire, how other theists ground morality, and more.


  • Commentary: The Upper Story Leap
  • Commentary: Taking the Roof Off
  • Commentary: Relativism in Court
  • How do you know when to stop trying for something you desire?
  • How do other theists ground morality?
  • Is the Old Testament God violent, jealous, and unreasonable?
  • How to respond to atheists.
  • How do you respond to Sam Harris’ moral argument?
  • Do Crisis Pregnancy Centers give false information?
  • Is the burden of proof all on the theist?
  • Evaluating arguments for God’s existence?