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Reading through the Bible Isn’t a Goal, It’s a Lifestyle

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Published on 01/08/2021

Greg talks about making Bible-reading part of your life habits, then he takes calls about biblical inerrancy, brain chemistry vs. one’s soul, praying to Mary, using transgender names and pronouns, and COVID-19.


  • Commentary: Reading through the Bible isn’t a goal, it’s a lifestyle. (00:00)
  • Do anti-science passages in the Bible prove it’s not inerrant? (06:00)
  • How can I tell the difference between the results of brain chemistry and my soul? (21:00)
  • Is praying to Mary and the saints acceptable because it’s the same as asking people to pray for you? (30:00)
  • Should I use a new transgender name and pronouns for my brother-in-law if my husband wants me to? (39:00)
  • Is fear of COVID-19 a spiritual issue? (50:00)

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