Quick Thought: Knowledge Is Not the Enemy of Faith

Author Brett Kunkle Published on 05/27/2015

The claim that knowledge is the enemy of faith is not a scientific claim; it’s a philosophical claim. For those who believe that faith is the enemy of knowledge, philosophy can help us out here. Specifically, we need epistemology in order to figure out what knowledge and and faith are.

Faith is trusting. It’s personal trust in what we have good reasons to believe is true. Knowledge can be broken up into three different parts. There’s propositional knowledge, experiential knowledge, and skill knowledge.

“God exists” is a knowledge claim. I think it’s true, I believe it, and it’s justified. Therefore, it counts as knowledge. How faith or trust comes in is that I ultimately have to put my trust in what I think I know. The object of my knowledge becomes the object of my faith.

Knowledge and faith are not mortal enemies. If you don’t define faith as believing in that which common sense tells you not to, then you can see how faith and knowledge go hand-in-hand.

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