Quick Thought: Inerrancy and Inspiration

Author Brett Kunkle Published on 04/09/2015

Do we have to think the Bible is the word of God in order to benefit from it? 2nd Timothy 3 talks about the Bible being God-breathed. Inerrancy is the idea that everything the Bible affirms as true is actually true.

You don’t have to believe in inerrancy to affirm that Christianity is true. Christians can debate this topic, but you don’t need it to have Christianity. Is God’s existence essential to Christianity? Of course. However, if you take inerrancy out of Christianity, you can still have Christianity.

Even if you don’t have inerrancy or inspiration, you still have the general reliability of the scriptures as a historical source on the life, actions, and teachings of Jesus. Just from that, we could make a case that Jesus rose from the dead, and Christianity is true.

Maybe inspiration and inerrancy are not essential, but they are important.

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