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Quick Thought: Don’t Give Up Your Christian Convictions

Author Alan Shlemon Published on 07/07/2015

There’s no need to change your religious convictions in order to treat people you disagree with like any other person that you respect. That’s why I’m mystified by the trend of some Christians to abandon their Christian theology and adopt pro-gay theology, then go back to the Bible to try and reinterpret the biblical passages to make them sound gay-affirming.

The proper thing to do when you realize your stereotypes are mistaken is just to see this group of people as people who are made in the image of God, who are kind, thoughtful, and have hopes and dreams just like everybody else, and treat them with dignity and respect. Yet, this is exactly what I don’t see happening very often.

You don’t have to abandon your biblical theology, adopt pro-gay theology, and try to reinterpret the biblical text to become gay-affirming simply because you’ve now had a shift in your attitude towards gays and lesbians. Have your shift occur, because those who identify as gay or lesbian are deserving of dignity and respect, and leave it at that. Keep your theology. Don’t give up your Christian convictions.

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