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Published on 08/24/2018

Greg answers questions about people misusing Jesus’ name, whether the number of demoniacs challenges inerrancy, David’s view of God’s love and judgment in Psalm 143, and more.


  1. Should we not object to people misusing Jesus’ name since His name isn’t really “Jesus”? (0:03)
  2. How do I respond to someone who’s questioning inerrancy because of the contradiction of one vs. two demoniacs? (0:19)
  3. What’s the best way to present the case for the historical reliability of the Bible to high school students? (0:28)
  4. In Psalm 143, why does David call for judgment for his enemies but grace for himself, even though he knows they all deserve judgment? (0:45)
  5. How should we engage people on the left who are hostile to our views? (0:53)

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