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Published on 07/24/2015

Host: Greg Koukl

Greg talks about the terminology of the same-sex marriage debate, the Bible supporting Marxism, his view on presuppositional apologetics, Jesus’ suffering, James Boccardo, and church donations.


  • Doesn’t the terminology of the same-sex marriage debate change the discussion? (00:00)
  • Is there an approach to the Bible that leads to concluding it supports Marxism and same-sex marriage? (00:10)
  • What’s your view on presuppositional apologetics? (00:18)
  • Did Jesus’ suffering on the cross add to its salvific affect? (00:27)
  • What do you think of James Boccardo’s method of evangelism? (00:40)
  • When is a donor so tainted that a church should not take a donation? (00:48)

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