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Punishing Bigotry

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Published on 04/30/2014

Host: Greg Koukl

Greg talks about punishing bigotry, if professional fighting is immoral, if it is God or the sinner himself that sends the sinner to Hell, and more.


  • Punishing Bigotry (00:00)
  • How do you avoid being taken advantage of when you “turn the other cheek”? (00:23)
  • Is professional fighting immoral? (00:40)
  • Wedding Reflections (01:00)
  • Does God or the sinner himself send the sinner to Hell? (01:18)
  • Is it wrong to use vaccines made by destroying human embryos? (01:41)
  • How do we balance freedom of thought when what is said is despicable? (01:53)
  • “Your Kind” Not Welcome (02:00)
  • Should Christians have their kids in public school? (02:21)
  • Did Judas think he was a believer? (02:35)
  • Do atheists have to deny free will? (02:39)
  • What if Jesus was finite and created? (02:48)

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