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Principles to Raise Kids in the Lord

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Published on 06/20/2010

Greg talks about the responsibilities of dads, principles to raise kids in the Lord, reflections on turning 60, then takes calls on how to defend the Virgin Birth, the new abortion pill called Ella, arguments in favor of evolution, and more.


  • Commentary: Responsibility of Dads
  • Commentary: Principles to Raise Kids in the Lord
  • Commentary: Reflections on Turning 60
  • How can you defend the Virgin Birth?
  • There’s a new abortion pill called Ella.
  • Arguments in favor of evolution.
  • What’s the Biblical arguments for or against women teaching in the church?
  • What are the arguments about the age of the universe?
  • Can a missionary hold religious pluralistic beliefs?
  • What happens when the father objects to an abortion?
  • Could God have created with the appearance of age?