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Praying the Bible

Author Melinda Penner Published on 07/24/2015

Crossway published a terrific little book on prayer that can have a big impact on your prayer life. Donald S. Whitney’s book, Praying the Bible, is under 100 pages. It’ll take no time to read, but it’ll give you plenty of practical, insightful counsel on how to enrich your prayer life by praying through Bible passages. Whitney says that this is how we can learn a biblical way of praying and it provides fresh content for our prayers so that it doesn’t become routine and dull. Praying the Psalms is how we learn to pray, he states. The Psalms are the Bible’s prayer book so it’s a particularly good place to start. Praying Scripture keeps us engaged in prayer in a more meaningful and motivating way than the routines we tend to get into.

The book (let me say again, it’s under 100 pages) walks through the method so it’s easy to grasp how it’s done. To supplement the book, Crossway has a five-day email series of videos featuring Whitney teaching and modeling how to pray the Bible.