Pray to the God of Grace Today

Author Amy K. Hall Published on 07/08/2016

Our country is in trouble today, this week, this year, and I’ve just realized that my prayers have been less like the God who runs in love to the prodigal son who treated Him with contempt, and more like the elder brother. Assuming that we’re seeing our deserved judgment, I have prayed little and hoped less.

This is wrong.

Pray to the God who calls into being that which does not exist. Pray to the God who gives life to the dead. Pray to the God who, because of His glorious grace, gave His Son, who died willingly for us while we were His enemies. In repentance, pray to Him with hope for His grace. Pray to Him.

Our country deserves nothing but judgment. But oh, see His grace and love on the cross! And dare to pray to Him for what we don’t deserve.