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Personal Reflections on UK Vacation

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Published on 07/18/2010

Greg talks about personal reflections on UK vacation, spiritual reflections on UK vacation, then takes calls on if a Muslim convert should confess his faith publicly to the Muslim community right away, how to deal with doubts about Christianity, and more.


  • Commentary: Personal Reflections on UK Vacation.
  • Commentary: Spiritual Reflections on UK Vacation.
  • Should a Muslim convert confess his faith publicly to Muslim community right away?
  • How do you deal with doubts about Christianity?
  • Accurate preterist terminology.
  • Repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy will violate religious freedom of Christian military personnel.
  • What is the proper expectation of God’s provision when facing financial difficulties?
  • The term “politically correct” implies insincerity.
  • How much kindness should she show someone who’s hostile to Christianity?
  • Are faith and theology at odds?
  • Do the apocryphal books have any value for Christians?