Our Friend, Buddy Williams

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Published on 12/23/2012

Greg talks about Buddy Williams, then answers questions on the definition of “perfect” regarding God, thoughts on the causes of Sandy Hook, and more.


  • Commentary: Our Friend, Buddy Williams (00:00:00)
  • What is the definition of “perfect” regarding God? (00:19:24)
  • Does Santa have a place in a Christian home? (00:46:25)
  • Commentary: Behind Christmas Traditions (00:56:09)
  • How much do you press to share the Gospel with someone who is dying? (01:20:16)
  • Thoughts on causes of Sandy Hook (01:29:23)
  • Decision making and the will of God (01:47:04)
  • Is there value in celebrating biblical holidays? (02:10:07)
  • Herod didn’t need guns to kill innocent babies in Bethlehem. (02:16:59)
  • Why Christians are falling away from moral lives (02:22:12)
  • Commentary: Christmas Thoughts (02:37:37)