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Our Desires Aren’t Our Identity

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Published on 03/26/2021

Greg talks about Christopher Yuan’s story and the idea that our desires do not define our identity, then he answers questions about retaliation for not participating in CRT training at work, power in Jesus’ name, whether abortion is better than Hell, and whether Hell is punishment or merely suffering as a result of being separated from God.


  • Commentary: Our desires aren’t our identity. (00:00)
  • How should I respond to the retaliation that happened when I said I wouldn’t  participate in CRT training at work? (10:00)
  • Does Matthew 7:21–23 mean there’s power in Jesus’ name, even for those who aren’t Christians? (36:00)
  • Wouldn’t aborting a child be better than their being born and going to Hell? (40:00)
  • Is Hell punishment or just torment as a result of our separation from God? (49:00)

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