New Reality Conference Season: Chaos to Clarity

Author Amy K. Hall Published on 08/19/2021

Our new season of Reality Student Apologetics Conferences (for middle school through college students) is about to begin in just a few weeks, and we’ll be making six stops: California (Sept. 24–25), Washington (Oct. 15–16), Minnesota (Nov. 12–13), Texas (Feb. 25–26), Pennsylvania (Mar. 25–26), and Georgia (Apr. 22–23).

The theme this year is “Chaos to Clarity,” and as the theme suggests, we’ll be working to bring clarity to a range of confusing and controversial worldview issues—race and identity (Monique Duson of the Center for Biblical Unity), homosexuality and sex (Becket Cook, author of A Change of Affection: A Gay Man’s Incredible Story of Redemption), abortion (Megan Almon of Life Training Institute)—along with some staple apologetics topics (science, design, moral relativism, the problem of evil), and more.

If you’re a student, or you’re a parent of students, or you teach students, bring your friends, or gather those students, and join us! Click on the location nearest you (above) for more information (or see here for answers to some general FAQs).