Mother Teresa’s Spiritual Darkness

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Published on 09/02/2007

Greg talks about Mother Teresa’s spiritual darkness, Abby update, then takes calls on if polytheism is a viable view, if Jesus is physically present in Heaven now, if yoga is okay for Christians to engage in, and more.


  • Commentary: Mother Teresa’s Spiritual Darkness
  • Commentary: Abby Update
  • Is polytheism a viable view?
  • Is Jesus physically present in Heaven now?
  • Is yoga okay for Christians to engage in?
  • How do we know if a biblical passage applies today?
  • Are the rules of logic a good argument against atheism?
  • Will we spend eternity in a physical place?
  • A Wiccan’s view of polytheism.
  • What should a Christian student be alert to in a secular philosophy class?
  • How should the law be used in evangelism?
  • What’s the difference between realism and nominalism?