Mike Horton: The Gospel-Driven Life

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Published on 09/13/2009

Greg talks about where morality comes from, The Gospel-Driven Life with Mike Horton, more thoughts on moral oughts, then takes calls on if the Old and New Testaments are contradictory on Jesus’ humanity, what the source of moral oughts in Christianity is, and more.


  • Commentary: Where Does Morality Come From?
  • Interview: Mike Horton - The Gospel-Driven Life
  • Commentary: More Thoughts on Moral Oughts
  • Are the Old and New Testaments contradictory on Jesus’ humanity?
  • What is the source of moral oughts in Christianity?
  • Why did Solomon do so many foolish things if he was the wisest man in the world?
  • Is the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy defensible?
  • Recommendation for resources on testing religious truth claims.
  • Where does faith come into play when reasoning for morality?
  • Is there an authority in Christianity that we should follow?
  • Why do Christians make such a big deal about homosexuality over other sins?