Michael Kruger: The Heresy of Orthodoxy

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Published on 07/25/2010

Greg talks about promises we can claim, if immaterial can act on the physical and house church phenomena, The Heresy of Orthodoxy with Michael Kruger, then takes calls on if angels have bodies, an argument in favor of mind/body dualism, and more.


  • Commentary: Promises We Can Claim
  • Commentary: Can Immaterial Act on the Physical? And House Church Phenomena.
  • Guest: Michael Kruger - The Heresy of Orthodoxy
  • Do angels have bodies?
  • An argument in favor of mind/body dualism.
  • If angels don’t have bodies, how did the Holy Spirit impregnate Mary?
  • What is the “Witness of the Holy Spirit”?
  • Do the promises about tithing in Malachi apply to Christians today?
  • Why do atheists hold views contrary to their worldview?