Melinda Needs Our Help

Author Greg Koukl Published on 05/17/2018

We all know how badly Melinda Penner was hurt in her accident in December, and we know how much we miss her since she’s been gone. She really needs our help right now, though, and here’s how you can make a big difference in her life. Her family has opened a GoFundMe account* for her that allows you to give directly to her to provide the financial help she desperately needs. Here’s what her GoFundMe page says:

Our dear family member and friend to so many, Melinda Penner—known affectionately by thousands as “The Enforcer” at Stand to Reason (the apologetics ministry she founded 25 years ago with dear friend Greg Koukl)—suffered a terrible accident on December 2. She fell from a ladder, hit the concrete pavement with the back of her head, and suffered a severe and traumatic brain injury (TBI) that left her unconscious for weeks. A portion of her skull was removed to save her life.

Melinda is in a medically stable situation now—though on a ventilator—but is largely immobile, completely incommunicado, and basically unresponsive at the moment. She needs financial help for physical therapy and to underwrite her costs at the subacute healthcare facility now providing the personal assistance needed for the long recovery period ahead of her. How much she is able to improve depends largely on the kind of rehabilitating treatment she is able to receive, medical help that her insurance, unfortunately, does not cover.

There is no way to know how much she will improve, but it’s unlikely she will progress without treatment that her present policies do not provide for. Your generous gifts will make it possible for Melinda to receive the loving, professional care she needs to give her the best chances for improvement. Her family and friends thank you for your prayers and support.

Melinda’s given so much to us these 25 years since she helped me found STR in 1993. Now it’s our turn to give back. Will you please be generous to Melinda today? You can also visit her CaringBridge page for the most recent news about how she’s doing. Thank you so much.

*Please note that this GoFundMe page is not in conjunction with Stand to Reason, no monies go to Stand to Reason, and the gift is not tax deductible.