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Meet the Bible before You Read It

Author Amy K. Hall Published on 12/05/2013

We’re coming to the end of the year—the time when many hopeful Christians decide that next year will be the year they read through the Bible. Reading the whole Bible can be daunting the first time or two, and even after many complete read-throughs you might still not have a solid grasp of the framework of the story or understand the roles of the types of literature involved. So here’s something that will help you succeed in either finishing the Bible for the first time or enjoying a more meaningful reading next time.

As part of their current series on “How to Read the Bible,” the White Horse Inn posted some lectures by Michael Horton (about 30 minutes each) introducing and summarizing each of the major sections of the Bible, explaining how each part fits into the whole. (Related articles, books, audio, and other study aids are included in the links below.) Take the time to listen this month, and you’ll be ready to start reading on January 1.

  1. How to Read Your Bible (The Pentateuch)
  2. The Bible’s History Books
  3. Wisdom and the Prophets
  4. Understanding the New Testament

You can continue to follow this “How to Read the Bible” series each Sunday on the White Horse Inn website or by subscribing to their podcast. (And for a more detailed overview of the Bible, see Greg’s Bible Fast Forward.)