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Mary Jo Sharp: Confident Christianity

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Published on 07/12/2009

Greg talks about Confident Christianity with Mary Jo Sharp, the movie “Taken” & Jesus’ Rescue, Michael Jackson: Man & Entertainer, then takes calls on objections to Christianity from, how one can start an apologetics class at their church, scientific proof for Christ, and more.


  • Guest: Mary Jo Sharp - Confident Christianity
  • Commentary: The Movie “Taken” & Jesus’ Rescue
  • Commentary: Michael Jackson - Man & Entertainer
  • Objections to Christianity from
  • How can he start an apologetics class at his church?
  • Scientific proof for Christianity.
  • Does God love us unconditionally?
  • How to resolve a conflict with a Christian brother?
  • Is the doctrine of annihilation biblical?
  • What does it mean we’re created in God’s image?