Sexuality and Gender

Marriage is Traditional by Nature

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Published on 05/10/2009

Greg talks about marriage being traditional by nature, self-image: vice or virtue, then takes calls on what we can do to stop same-sex marriage laws, young people favor same-sex marriage, and more.


  • Commentary: Marriage is Traditional by Nature
  • Commentary: Self-Image - Vice or Virtue?
  • What can we do to stop same-sex marriage laws?
  • Young people favor same-sex marriage.
  • What is your opinion of presuppositionalist apologetic methods?
  • Abortion is equivalent to pagan sacrifices.
  • What do you mean there is a difference between God’s desires and His goals?
  • Why didn’t early historians write more about Jesus and Christianity?
  • Rewarding children for self-esteem purposes isn’t that prevalent.
  • Is torture ever morally acceptable?
  • Calvinism denies free-will.