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Knowing Jesus Makes You a Better Thinker

Author Amy K. Hall Published on 06/13/2015

Michael Reeves has this to say in his excellent book Rejoicing in Christ:

[Many Christians] sing of [Christ’s] love on a Sunday—and there it is true—but walking home through the streets, past the people and the places where Real Life goes on, they don’t feel it is Christ’s world. As if the universe is a neutral place. As if Christianity is just something we have smeared on top of Real Life. Jesus is reduced to being little more than a comforting nibble of spiritual chocolate, an imaginary friend who “saves souls” but not much else….

Since Jesus Christ is the one “through whom all things came” (1 Cor 8:6), God’s agent of creation who continues to uphold and sustain the creation he brought into being, the marks of his artistry are all round us. From the tiniest sea urchin to the brightest star, all things bear his magnificent stamp. The heavens cannot but declare his glory, for they are his craftsmanship, and they continue to hold together only in him. His character is written into the grain of the universe so intimately that even to think against Christ the Logos you must think against logic and descend into folly (Ps 14:1). In his world, our faculties work better the more they are harnessed to faith in him. Then we are able to be more logical, more vibrant, more imaginative, more creative, for we are working with the grain.

As soon as any of us denies an aspect of the truth about Jesus, we begin to distort our understanding of reality (see the series I posted on Nancy Pearcey’s book Finding Truth for more on how this happens and its consequences).

If Christ is the foundation of all reality, if all things were made through Him, then to learn truly about Him is to align ourselves with reality—it’s to see truth more clearly in every area of life. If you’d like to think more clearly about the world He created, start by focusing on knowing Christ.