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Kenneth Samples: 7 Truths That Changed the World

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Published on 06/03/2012

Greg talks about why Americans are becoming more pro-life, Christians and military service, then discusses the book “7 Truths that Changed the World” with author Kenneth Samples, and answers questions from callers.


  • Commentary: Why Americans are Becoming More Pro-Life
  • Commentary: Christians and Military Service
  • Guest: Kenneth Samples - 7 Truths that Changed the World
  • How do you show Jesus is the Son of God from the Bible to Jehovah’s Witnesses?
  • Jesus’ claim to be God.
  • How is deception ever morally acceptable when we’re called to be morally upright?
  • How do you answer an atheist who mocks the Bible?
  • Tactical ways to talk to Jehovah’s Witnesses.