Christian Living

June 23, 2002

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Published on 06/23/2002

Greg comments on an article about the secularization of Christianity in current culture, and takes some calls on knowing if God is real, age of accountability, and prophecies.

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  • Commentary: Secularization of Christianity (00:00)
  • Call from Australia (38:00)
  • What should I say to my brother who was paralyzed in an accident recently? (48:00)
  • How do you know God is real? (57:00)
  • I know there are some Christians who believe that before a child reaches an age of accountability, if they die they go to heaven. Shouldn’t those people be for abortion? (1:07:00)
  • How does a Christian interpret or justify the use of passages such as Psalms 2 & 22, and Isaiah 53 as prophecies? (1:21:00)
  • Continued commentary (1:37:00)
  • If two male individuals desire a leadership role in a religious environment and one of them is homosexual, but they both practice celibacy, what is the difference and how do you justify it? (1:42:00)
  • Why do you believe Islam condones and even encourages coercion as a means of conversion? (1:46:00)