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Scott Klusendorf: The Truth of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

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Published on 06/20/2004

Greg talks about if “para-church” organizations are really “para,” the truth of embryonic stem cell research with Scott Klusendorf, then takes calls on what comes after dismantling relativism, dealing with people who don’t believe, families without fathers, and more.


  • Commentary: Are “Para-Church” Organizations Really “Para”?
  • Guest: Scott Klusendorf – The Truth of Embryonic Stem Cell Research
  • After dismantling relativism, what next?
  • Dealing with people who don’t believe
  • Families without fathers
  • Does the cosmological argument lead to the Christian God?
  • Who should we pray to in the Trinity?
  • Christians need to be better to deal with today’s culture.
  • Dealing with doubts about belief in God