Jesus’ Wife?

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Published on 09/24/2012

Greg talks about the greatest Bible verse, why there are so many denominations, Jesus’ wife, then takes questions on if science can disprove God, how to know if you’re saved, and more.


  • Commentary: The Greatest Bible Verse (00:00:00)
  • Commentary: Why So Many Denominations? (00:24:58)
  • Commentary: Praying for Your Kids (00:36:09)
  • Commentary: No More Father-daughter Dances (00:42:33)
  • How to deal with King James Version only view in your church? (00:57:26)
  • Disagree with your take on the Roman Catholic Church (01:09:14)
  • How do you reconcile justification by faith alone and the cost of discipleship? (01:21:20)
  • Does deism have validity? (01:39:01)
  • Commentary: Jesus’ Wife? (01:52:02)
  • Can science disprove God? (02:04:08)
  • The greatest verse in the Bible (02:17:03)
  • How do you know if you’re saved? (02:29:48)
  • Why did God use a lying spirit in an Old Testament prophecy if He is truth? (02:40:42)